Angela WelshAngela

Psychic Tarot

Put to the test.

Fate and Fortune magazine have tested Angela's Psychic abilities in their
Psychic Under the Spotlight section. (May 2009 page 52)


Tester 1

Michelle Carrington

Part-time student, Liverpool.



Michelle says:
"I've had a few readings before, and would love to know what Angela can pick up about my love life!"


The reading.

Your last relationship knocked your confidence, but now you are entering a new phase of happiness. Redecorating will help you lay the past to rest.

Love won't come until the year's end. Meanwhile, a close friend will give birth to a girl.

I think you recently had your hair cut. Some one close to you is getting a tattoo, and I see two holidays coming up for you, to New York and Florida.

I sense your daughter has problems with her legs. She's not afraid to speak her mind, but needs to talk slower so others can understand her.

I can see two male relatives. One is very eccentric and they are both standing in snow.


Michelle's verdict:

My last relationship shook my self-esteem, as Angela said. And the house my ex and I shared needs a lick of Paint. I hope that will boost its value so I can move away from upsetting memories.

I was disappointed to hear love is on the back-burner for now, but fingers crossed it'll be worth the wait!

I can't think of anyone who might have a baby, although Angela was spot-on about my hair - I had it cut last month.

My nephew, Richard, is planning to get a tattoo for his 21st birthday next month.

Right now, I can't afford a holiday to America - but my sister has been tracing our family tree and says we may have relatives in New York.

My six-year-old daughter, Jenney, has trouble walking, so we're seeing a specialist. And her words tumble out out too fast, as she's got so much to say!

The two male relatives in snow didn't mean anything to me, but I've since found out that both my great-grandfathers were Canadian.



Tester 2

Carol Jonson

Retired, Glossop, Derbyshire.



Carol says:
"Right now I feel there must be more to life, and I'm curious to know if anything exciting is coming up for me!"


The reading.

You've been feeling under the weather, which has triggered comfort eating. It's time to relax about the future, as the Spirit World is going to grant you three wishes. This will be a golden opportunity to get your life back on track.

I sense the spirit of Mary around you. There's also a black cat with beautiful eyes, and a border collie, too.

Someone in your family is on a training course and will switch jobs within six to 12 months.

Your finances will improve - I see money coming your way.

You'll meet a slightly younger man who enjoys walks in the countryside, but whether this turns into more than friendship is up to you.


Carol's verdict:

It's true I've been through a gloomy patch recently - and I've been indulging my sweet tooth to try to perk myself up! I'm glad things are set to improve, and that I'm going to be granted three wishes - I'll use them wisely. The cash that's heading my way will come in handy, too!

Mary is my grandmother, who passed 40 years ago. I know when she's around because she always leaves behind the scent of roses.

The black cat is my pet, Jet, who passed nine years ago, and the Border collie sounds like my mum's old dog. Don.

My Daughter, Tracey, 41, is doing a training course for her job in sales, but it thinking of changing career.

I've been happily single for over 10 years, so if I do meet a younger man, I think we'll just stay friends!