Angela WelshAngela

Psychic Tarot

My name is Angela, I was born with psychic abilities, my grandma and greatgrandma, were both clairvoyants. My children are gifted also, and my grandaughter who is only 2 years old is also showing promising signs.

I decided many years ago to develop my abilities and I went to the local Spiritualist church to enhamce my gifts.

After that I started working more with Spirit doing Psychic Fairs and party bookings. I have done promotional videos and done a bit of television and done readings for celebrities (please don't ask who). I travel all over the country doing my work, have done abroad, also done private functions and promotional work for Virgin trains.

I can read of anything, I do a lot of psychometry which is reading objects, jewellery etc, but mainly clients want the Tarot but I also do palmistry, crystal ball, mediumship and clairvoyant, I also work with Spirit for people who have passed over.

I also do Encaustic Art Readings which is done these days with an iron and wax crayons, I then do a reading of the resulting picture. Which is different but Encaustic Art is over 2000 years old.

I do flower readings, colour readings, a psychic can basically read anything, they are all tools.

I do healing, hands on or Spiritual.

I also have my Guardian Angels working with me as well as a native American and a Chinese doctor guide who works with me on the healing.

I have recently got involved with paranormal investigations, doing seances, visiting haunted places, which can be quite fascinating.

I love my work as it can be very rewarding, doing readings for people from all walks of life.

I have had a lot of clients who come back and tell me how accurate their readings were.

So if you need me for any work then please contact me on my mobile and if available will do the work for you.